Every week, LASP opens more than 100 cases for people who face threats to their homes, their families, or their livelihoods. But the need for our services outstrips our capacity. With your help as a pro bono attorney, we can reach more people and help stabilize more lives. When you sign up as a pro bono attorney with LASP, you will make a vital difference for the poorest and most vulnerable among us. You will make sure there is someone in their corner. Help us make justice real for all who are in need.

Whether you are a new or experienced attorney, you can help.

The ways that we use pro bono attorneys differ from county to county depending on local needs and other available resources. When attorneys are solicited to volunteer, they are asked to indicate what kind of cases they are willing and qualified to take.  If they are interested in taking a case but do not feel competent to take it because of lack of expertise or training, they should contact LASP about receiving the training and mentoring they need to provide representation. 

Periodically, Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses are offered at discounted rates to attorneys who agree to take pro bono cases.  LASP also provides malpractice coverage and use of its space and equipment to those volunteers who provide services.

Please see our Become a Pro Bono Attorney page for more information.

If you are seeking a Pro Bono attorney for representation in a civil legal matter, please visit the Legal Information page.