Pro bono work: The Gift of Giving

Being the Pro Bono Coordinator at Curtin & Heefner (for too many years to count!) has been an eye-opening experience. Attorneys continually return from the Courthouse after Wednesday Protection from Abuse hearings with a new appreciation for the needs of both victims and those wrongly accused. Stories are often shared with smiles for a good outcome or with tears for the victims of abuse. ..Connecting Legal Aid clients with Curtin & Heefner attorneys to provide legal representation in emergency PFAs, license suspensions and evictions has been rewarding for all involved."

Bonnie Stein, Esq.

Note: To read Bonnie Stein's full article in the Bucks County Bar Association's fall issue of The Writs, click the story above, visit:, or check out the full issue at, page 10. Link provided with permission of Bonnie Stein and the BCBA.