Announcing the Liz Fritsch Fund to support child custody


LASP established the Elizabeth Wood Fritsch Fund for Child Custody to recognize her 20+ year career in civil legal aid, most recently as Executive Director of LASP from 2013-July 31, 2018. Previously, she was Executive Director of Bucks County Legal Aid from 1997-2001 and was Co-Executive Director of LASP when it formed in 2001, through 2013. Her leadership helped LASP become a major regional resource that impacts the lives of more than 17,000 people each year.

Civil legal aid provides critically important representation to low-income people who face challenging legal problems. "Ms. Fritsch's dedication to making justice accessible to all, regardless of income, is in the best tradition of our profession," noted Tina Mazaheri, Esq., President of the Bucks County Bar Foundation, in announcing the Foundation's donation to the fund on Oct. 3.

The fund aims to increase LASP's capacity to help parents and caregivers with child custody problems. Daily, LASP's regional Helpline receives calls from people with custody issues who need immediate help. LASP simply does not have enough staff to assist all the parents and caregivers who reach out for assistance. LASP aims to strengthen its capacity to resolve the many difficult situations that arise in child custody disputes. LASP deeply appreciates the generosity of the Bucks County Bar Foundation and friends of LASP.

In accepting the ceremonial check on behalf of LASP, Liz explained her inspiration behind the fund. "The ever-present domestic violence problems that plague the residents of this county have really taken so many of LASP's resources, and custody is often left behind, because it's not seen as quite as urgent" as some other civil legal issues, she said. "But when you think about it, having a stable custody order, particularly for a single parent with limited income, is so important, and has an impact on all aspects of their ability to be financially self-sufficient, to be safe from domestic violence, to take good care of their children and provide them with a stable home, I've always felt that it's been neglected because we just haven't had the capacity."

To directly support the Elizabeth Wood Fritsch Fund for Child Custody, please visit and designate the fund, or send a donation to Legal Aid of Southeastern PA, 625 Swede St., Norristown, PA 19401, and specify the fund. Questions? Please contact Ann Tydeman-Solomon at 610-275-5400, ext. 123 or

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The Liz Fritsch Fund for Child Custody launched Oct. 3 with a $12,000 donation from the Bucks Bar Foundation, members of the Bucks Bar Association, and many friends of LASP.

Pictured (from left): Melanie Wender, Esq., Bucks County Bar Foundation Trustee; Robert T. Repko, Esq., Bucks County Bar Association President-Elect; Mitsue Shafer, LASP Paralegal & Receptionist; Brandon McFadden, Esq., BB&T & Bucks County Bar Foundation
Trustee; Barbara N. Lyons, Esq., Vice President, Bucks County Bar Foundation; Jennifer Pierce, Managing Attorney, LASP Doylestown office; Tina Mazaheri, Esq., President, Bucks County Bar Foundation; Shawn Boehringer, LASP Executive Director; Elizabeth Wood Fritsch, former LASP Executive Director; Carol Wilbur, LASP Doylestown Office


Manager; Carol Shelly, Esq., Secretary/Treasurer, Bucks County Bar Foundation; Jessica Pritchard, Esq.,
Bucks County Bar Association President; and Susan Eisenberg, Esq., Bucks County Bar Foundation Trustee.