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In most cases, the first contact you will have with LASP is with our toll-free helpline. Here are some frequently asked questions about the Helpline: 
Q: What determines my eligibility?
Eligibility is determined by your monthly income, your current assets, your family size, the type of legal problem you have and where you reside. Applicants must meet financial and asset guidelines to be eligible for services in most cases. (Protection from abuse cases are an exception.) These guidelines are based on family size and are dictated by Federal and State government.
Q: Are your services really free? Are there any fees?
Yes, our services are really free and there are no hidden fees.
Q: When I call the Helpline, will I speak with an attorney?
You will speak to either an experienced paralegal or an attorney who will provide information and advise you on your specific situation.
Q: What information will I be asked to provide?
You will be asked to provide financial information, your name, address and telephone number, and specific information about your case. Please have any paperwork about your case (leases, denial letters, application forms, etc.) handy when you place your call.
All information you provide is kept confidential.
Q: What if someone who doesn’t speak English has a legal problem?
A non-English speaking client will be asked to hold and within minutes an interpreter (available for over 150 languages) will be put on the line to translate. Our Helpline also has bilingual staff able to help Spanish-speaking callers directly. Se habla espanol.
Q: Can I see an attorney in person?
Depending on your situation, you may be referred to:
• an attorney at your local Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania office in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, or Montgomery county.
• another legal service or social service program that handles your particular problem.
• Legal Aid classes or legal clinics that help with issues such as custody and bankruptcy.
OR, if Legal Aid can’t help because of income or other restrictions, you will be directed to your Local Bar Association or Lawyer Referral Service.