Making Justice Real 
Last year, more than 17,000 people directly benefited from LASP’s services. You can read a few of their stories here. 

ImagesNancy* had been steadily employed and had built a stable life. But things took a sudden turn for the worse when her job was eliminated. Nancy was awarded Unemployment Compensation and began the search for new employment. But her ex-employer appealed the decision, arguing that she had not been an employee but an independent contractor and thus ineligible for UC benefits. Her LASP attorney reviewed her employment history and determined that she was due UC benefits. At the hearing the Referee agreed, and the benefits provided Nancy with financial stability as she continued her pursuit of new employment.






ImagesJ* is a disabled child, and in order to succeed in school he needed special services. But his family’s attempts to secure them had been stymied. At the same time, his family did not always have enough to eat, and had poor housing. LASP intervened to obtain the SSI award that J* was entitled to. This ensured not only support at school, but provided income to the family to help meet J’s needs. The added income helped the family stabilize their housing and keep food on their table.








ImagesAmy’s* live-in boyfriend had paranoid schizophrenia and had stopped taking his medication. As time went on he became violent. First, he slammed Amy’s head against the wall. Next, he threatened to kill her. Finally, he came after her with a chainsaw. The ending of this story could have been a horrific tragedy. But the Protection from Abuse order that LASP helped obtain for Amy changed the narrative and enabled her to begin to rebuild her life.




ImagesMs. T*, a 42 year old single mother of two, had been unable to get a decent paying job because of a retail theft conviction from 14 years ago. Ms. T was trying to move forward, but this one blemish on her record prevented her from being hired . LASP filed a petition and got Ms. T’s record expunged. Just a few months after the petition was granted, Ms. T’s employment income increased by $2,818 a month. LASP’s work helped Ms. T raise her earnings, giving her the means to support her family.








Images Mr. D* had applied for Medical Assistance coverage for himself, his wife, his two young children, and his mother who lived with them. When the County Assistance Office informed him that everyone in the household except his wife, who speaks no English, was found eligible for coverage, Mr. D. knew something was amiss. His LASP attorney discovered that the County Assistance Office was missing one very important piece of the story -- Mr.D.’s wife was a naturalized U.S. citizen. Without this information, the County Assistance Office had deemed her ineligible for medical coverage. But with this information, the family could now feel secure that the medical needs of everyone in their household would be covered.